A brief history of His Majesty the Litunga Imwiko II

14 October 2019
Author  Media Editor, Barotseland Post. Original Story by Dr Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika
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His Majesty the Litunga Imwiko II, whose personal name is Lubosi Imwiko, has been the King of Barotseland from 2000 to date. He is the eldest surviving son of Litunga Imwiko the First, whose personal name is Mwanang'ono Lewanika, who ruled Barotseland from 1945 to 1948.

2000 – TO DATE: Imwiko II, whose personal name is Lubosi, son of Litunga Imwiko I.

Litunga Imwiko II, whose personal name is Lubosi Imwiko, was in 1981, installed as head of the regional principality of Lukulu, before being enthroned as King of Barotseland on October 13, 2000.

Litunga Imwiko II was educated at the foremost Catholic schools of his time; taking his junior secondary (Form II) at Santa Maria Mission in Lukulu and his Cambridge School certificate at Canisius College, Chikuni Mission near Monze.

In 1966, he became a founder student at the University of Zambia where he studied Social Work and graduated in December 1968. In 1971, he secured a British Scholarship to go to the United Kingdom, UK, to undertake postgraduate studies at the University of London where he obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Urbanisation in 1972.

Upon returning to Zambia, he joined the Industrial Development Corporation (INDECO) in 1973, thereby launching a highly successful career which saw him rise to the position of controller and later director of Group Personnel Services.

In 1977, he was variously appointed the general manager of the National Milling Corporation, Super Baking Limited and INDECO Properties Limited of the Zambia Industrial and Mining Corporation group.

In 1984 when he enrolled at Britain’s Leeds University, where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 1985, returning home early in 1986.

After 1987, Lubosi Imwiko ventured into the tourism sector and established safari hunting businesses with operations ranging from big game hunting in the Luangwa Valley, canoeing in Lower Zambezi (Chiyawa), Whitewater Rafting in Livingstone, and Fishing Safaris, at Kalobolelwa in Barotseland.

Later he diversified into beef cattle ranching. In traditional affairs, he has served as a member, and, for three terms, as chairperson, of Zambian House of Chiefs.

In 1997 he was appointed by the Republican President, as chairman of the Mphamba Commission of Inquiry which investigated the succession dispute surrounding the Mphamba Traditional Leadership in Lundazi District of Eastern Zambia.

The author is the first cousin of His Majesty the Litunga Imwiko II. Their fathers (Litunga Imwiko I and Litunga Lewanika II) were sons of King Lewanika the First.

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