Afumba Mombotwa Takes Oath of Office as Barotseland Administrator

14 August 2013

World and Africa's Newest State, Royal Barotseland, Takes Root as Administrator General Afumba Mombotwa Takes Oath of Office to Head Transitional Government.

Background: On Tuesday 27th March 2012, The Barotseland National Council (the highest decision making body in Barotse governance system) unanimously resolved  to accept the unilateral nullification of the Barotse Land Agreement of 1964 by Zambia, and also resolved that Barotseland immediately  initiate all formal and necessary procedures and acts for the re-establishment of Barotseland Sovereignty and Independence, a de facto break away from its current underlying status within the Republic of Zambia.

Since then peaceful means have been engaged to full fill “Statehood” culminating in now the swearing in and announcing of a transitional government to be headed by Administrator General His Excellency Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, who according to the Royal Barotseland Transitional Constitution will last for a period not exceeding 3 years, and in which period democratic elections must be held to elect a substantive Prime Minister.


Furthermore, the transitional constitution state that Royal Barotseland shall pursue a democratic Constitutional Monarch type of governance with His/her Royal Majesty the Litunga (King/Queen) as ceremonial Head of State, while the Administrator General (In Transitional Period) and Prime Minister (After the Transitional Period) will be head of Government. A Lord Chancellor shall head the House of Lords.

Here below is the Official Video of The Administrator General taking oath of Office:

Oath of Office: “I Afumba Mombotwa, do hereby swear that I will Endeavour, to the best of my ability to protect,  defend and Uphold the constitution of the kingdom of Barotseland as an inviolable Law of the Land, and I promise to protect the Independence, Sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the kingdom of Barotseland, and that I shall serve the people of Barotseland without discrimination, and give the respect to the Sovereign de jure, Ngocana King. So help me God”

Inaugural Speech: Fellow citizens of Barotseland, elderly statesmen, the world at large, brothers & sisters and our youth.
We owe thanks unto God, who has preserved and protected us from the onslaughts of the evil one.

Depending on His mercy we are still living for a purpose.

Fellow compatriots, for the past 50 years Barotseland was a stateless nation. This was so because somehow somewhere something went wrong. Really if Barotseland was a stateless nation, it means it was a nation without state. And what may be true is that some of us kept on wondering why Barotseland was stateless when there was the Litunga, we have had the kutas and the Indunas (counselors). This gave an impression that even if we had those for hundred years or so, we would continue being stateless, therefore, for all these years what has been missing in Barotseland was statehood, and the moment that which is missing is put in place then Barotseland ceases to be a stateless nation. I believe some may be confronted with the question; what is state? Is state money, military hardware or handcuffs? Of course not. Whereas a nation is organic, state is artificial. It is something that is formed. Nation develops naturally. Although the Barotzis entered into the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 in good faith, the Zambians merely intended to circumvent the Barotzis in order to rob them of their sovereignty. However, Barotzis should now rejoice because the time for domination and subjugation is no more. To those who are conversant with international standards by declaratory theory state exists the moment conditions of statehood are fulfilled. This theory is adopted by Institute of international Law. International usage favours this theory. Even the OAU did or still does even if they have changed name. States in a simple term are a people who are politically organized and prepared to run their own affairs. Now Barotseland is a state that deserves recognition by fellow African countries and international community at large. Hence Zambia must be compelled to acknowledge that they have no right over Barotseland, and the people of Barotseland must realize that under the doctrine of extra territoriality together with the doctrine of post linium the effect of our un challenged declaration is as follows:

  1. There shall be no extra territorial operation by Zambia in Barotseland
  2. Zambia have no extra territorial rights over Barotseland
  3. By the act of declaration, Zambia has no general power to pass legislation taking effect outside their own territory or e.g. to punish crimes committed outside their realm vis a vis abroad.
  4. There shall be no extra territorial registration for Barotseland by Zambia to encroach into the internal affairs of Barotseland
  5. As a consequence of the independence of every sovereign authority, a colonizing  state will decline to exercise any of the territorial jurisdiction of its courts over the person of any sovereign or ambassador or over the public property of any state dedicated to the public use or over the property of any ambassador even though the sovereign ambassador or property will be within its territory

Having said that I wish to remind you that there is an English saying that one word is enough for the wise person, and to those who may think that there is rebellion we wish to reiterate that  we have fought for our national right by diplomatic means and not through violence. Let Zambia be engaged in terrorism if they think they can go un punished.


In practice, the various independent acts provided categorically that from the date of independence all responsibility of the United Kingdom’s government for the government of newly independent country should cease, and that no further United Kingdom Act should extend to it as part of its laws. A similar situation should apply to us. Nobody should encroach on our liberty


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