VIDEO: Preparations for the Lusata traditional ceremony of the Mafwe people on course

28 August 2016

Video courtesy of Sibuku Malumbano

The Lusata traditional ceremony of the Mafwe people is due to take place in the first week of October, the 4th 2016.

The Mafwe tribe is originally found in both the Katima Mulilo region of the Caprivi strip, now Zambezi region of Namibia, and the surrounding border area and parts of Barotseland, separated only by the colonial demarcations drawn in the 19th century.

They share similar culture and customs with their Lozi counterparts of Barotseland; with a ‘Litunga’ who reigns and sits in his Kashandi, the current title holder being Chief George Simasiku Mamili. They also speak the Silozi lingua franca.

Their women and their men adorn the Musisi and Siziba dress just like the Lozi of Barotseland.

Any attendee to this ceremony will be left wowed by their rich cultural dances and immaculate dress, making the Lusata traditional ceremony, therefore, a must attend event this year.

The Lusata Traditional ceremony of the Mafwe people
The Lusata Traditional ceremony of the Mafwe people

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