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The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA), African region, has unanimously elected Barotseland as its continental President for the rest of the year.

And announcing its election, Royal Barotseland Ambassador-designate, His Excellency Hon Christian Luzongo Kalaluka, who will officially hold the continental CONIFA presidency on behalf of the elephant Kingdom of Royal Barotseland, has said that his tenure will run up to January 2021 when the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will sit to elect the next president, which Barotseland will still be eligible to contest.

“I was voted unopposed by the Global ExCo (Executive Committee) after being endorsed by all African Member Countries," announced the notably excited Hon Christian Luzongo Kalaluka, who will also be a member of the CONIFA Global Governing Body by being President for Africa.

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CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, is the football federation for all associations outside FIFA, with members from all the continents of the world.

Among its North American members is the French-speaking Canadian region of Québec and Cascadia representing the Cascadia region of the US and Canada.

From Europe, CONIFA has members such as Monaco, Western Armenia and Northern Cyprus, among many others, while some of the members from Asia are Tibet, Kurdistan and Western Papua to name but a few.

Hawaii and some Australian first nations form part of the CONIFA membership from Oceania while Mapuche and Rapa Nui are among those drawn from South America.

CONIFA was founded on the 7th of June 2013 and organized its first World Football Cup in June 2014 in Ostersund, Sweden, to support representatives of international football teams from nations, de-facto nations, regions, minority peoples and sports isolated territories share in the joy of playing international football.

Although Barotseland is yet to have a national football squad that would participate in the continental and world tournaments under CONIFA, Barotseland gained its membership in July of 2017.

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Catalonia National football team is this Monday scheduled to feature in FIFA window for the first time ever against Venezuela in a FIFA sanctioned international friendly, the Catalan News has reported. The Catalan men's XI are now preparing for their most important fixture in a decade

And former Spain internationals and FC Barcelona football star Gerard Pique, who stepped down from Spanish national team duty after last year’s World Cup, and FC Barcelona football legend, Xavi Hernandez will represent the region in which they were born.

Other familiar names in the squad include Stoke City’s Bojan Krkic, Oriol Romeu of Southampton and Marc Bartra of Real Betis.

After 26 months on the sidelines, Catalonia's clash with Venezuela on Monday will be the first match in their history to be held within the official FIFA window for international friendly matches.

Whatever the result in Monday’s fixture, the match itself is a major victory for the Catalan Football Federation – whose national teams are not yet recognized by football's global governing body, FIFA, and so cannot qualify for the World Cup or European Championships, despite their ample supply of football talent.

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It's official! Neymar the superstar signs for PSG from Barcelona for €222 million

The Ligue 1 giants have more than doubled the previous mark for a transfer set by Paul Pogba and Manchester United as they welcome the Brazilian.

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UNPO Organises a Successful Football Cup for Unrepresented Nations.

On Saturday 17 June 2017, UNPO organized a football tournament for unrepresented nations in The Hague, the Netherlands.

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Barca are the first side in Champions League and European Cup history to overturn a four-goal first-leg deficit, after defeating PSG 6-1 on Wednesday.

Barcelona made Champions League history on Wednesday, overcoming a four-goal first-leg deficit against PSG to advance to the quarter-finals.

Luis Enrique's side were the first in Champions League and European Cup history to rally back from four down after the opening match.

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The trio will hope to overturn the Catalans' 4-0 first-leg defeat against their Ligue 1 counterparts, Luis Enrique opting for a 3-3-1-3 formation

Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar will start for Barcelona as they aim to overturn their Champions League deficit against Paris Saint-Germain at Camp Nou on Wednesday.

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European football's governing body, UEFA, fined the Blaugrana (Barcelona) over fans' use of the estelada flag - an unofficial flag typically flown by Catalan separatists to express their support for an independent Catalonia - during the Champions League, but the club will contest the charge.

Barcelona have vowed to appeal UEFA's decision to fine them €150,000 for displaying estelada flags during Champions League matches.

The Spanish champions' fans showed the estelada flags on more than one occasion throughout the 2015-16 campaign.

UEFA, however, considers the banner to be a form of ideological, political and religious propaganda, which is forbidden by European football's governing body, and therefore slapped Barcelona with a fine.

The Camp Nou side feels displaying estelada flags falls under the freedom of expression, though, and are ready to take legal action.

"The club has received notice of the sanction imposed by the UEFA Disciplinary Committee following the display of estelada flags at the Camp Nou at Champions League matches in the 2015-16 season," a statement on the club's official website reads.

"The club has been handed a €150,000 fine, of which €50,000 is suspended if the events are not repeated in the next two years.

"The club will appeal this sanction and will take all legal measures in order for the punishment to be revoked.

"Barcelona consider the punishment to be totally unjust and against the exercise of the freedom of expression." - GOAL.COM


Barotseland Post stands in solidarity with Barcelona, not just because they are the best football club in the world, but also because Catalonia like Barotseland are pushing for the right to exercise their indelible human rights of self-determination and freedom of expression violated by the mother states of Spain and Zambia respectively.

The Barotseland Post, also known as The Barotsepost, is an online media platform, for now, that is dedicated to reporting stories and news around Barotseland and beyond, giving exclusive coverage and access to the people and the nation of Barotseland to fully express themselves in their aspirations for self- determination.