BAROTSELAND: a popular American action police procedural television series, NCIS, features Barotseland in its recent episode

05 November 2018
Author  Sibeta Mundia, Barotseland Post

A mild Spoiler warning for those who have not yet watched episode 6 of the highly rated and world-renowned crime investigative police drama, NCIS, Season 16 which has featured BAROTSELAND several times, as a destination in Africa where some of the ‘unresolved’ murders they are investigating were allegedly committed by some hitman named Anderson Kohl.

Kohl, who had various fake passports, had a list of names of unsolved murders from all over the world with victims in Guam, Tokyo, London and Barotseland among several other world locations.

As Agent Torres lists the locations; Zurich, Tokyo, Guam, Barotseland, another is heard asking, “Who goes to Guam and Where is Barotseland?” to which Agent Gibbs responds, “Africa!”

The Focus on Barotseland continues again as Agent Gibbs with yet another NCIS Agent discover that Kohl had not only traveled to Barotseland, Africa, and all those other places, but also that each murder date coincides with the dates Kohl had traveled to those cities and locations, making them conclude that Kohl may have been the Hitman behind all those unsolved murders as can be seen in this excerpt from the script:

TORRES (Wilmer Valderrama): Zurich, Tokyo. Who goes to Guam?

MCGEE (Sean Murray): Where is Barotseland?

GIBBS (Mark Harmon): Africa.

HINES (Diona Reasonover): Kohl had a list of names of unsolved murders from all over the world. We got victims in Guam, Tokyo...

GIBBS (Mark Harmon): Barotseland.

HINES (Diona Reasonover): Ooh. I don't even wanna know how you knew that. How'd you know that?

According to Kohl’s documented Travel Itinerary, he is listed to have traveled to Barotseland on the 20th of January, 2017.

Although Anderson Kohl is dead in this particular investigation, the NCIS team believes Kohl may have been murdered by his handlers for refusing to kill someone he was assigned to.

NCIS Episode 6 “Beneath the Surface” which features Barotseland first Aired on October 30, 2018, across the world and got over twelve million TV views! It was created by Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill while the episode writers were Scott J. Jarrett and Matthew R. Jarrett. Source: IMDb.

What will be of great interest to Barotseland enthusiasts is not only the mere fact that Hollywood has recognized Barotseland in a popular American crime investigative police drama with a global audience but the interest that will be generated in Barotseland as a result of its feature.

Who decided that they focus on Barotseland as a destination in Africa and why did they not tie it to Zambia but put it as a separate location in Africa? Do they know that Barotseland is an emerging country seeking sovereignty from Zambia, hence put it as a location in Africa rather than a territory in Zambia, Africa?

And because this episode is in Season 16, a recent and running series for 2018, with events that have to do with a suspect traveling to Barotseland on 20th January 2017, there is no doubt that the Barotseland in question in this series is the modern day Barotseland and not the colonial era Barotseland.

Simply put, this is an endorsement on Barotseland! It is a recognition that Barotseland is indeed emerging as an international destination as those who know something about Hollywood will agree that where it leads, the rest of the world follows. Before long, people across the world will and may want to know not only where Barotseland is but how they could get there, as well as its present aspirations for self-determination.

The video attached is an extract from episode 06 of the NCIS Season 16 which has Barotseland in it, inclusive of back-story on Kohl!

NCIS has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 4.4 out of 5 stars, while IMDb gives it a 7.9/10 and gives it an 8.7/10 rating.

DISCLAIMER: All rights reserved and all copyrighted material goes to their respective owners!

see movie extract embedded here below:

NCIS, a popular American action police procedural television series has featured Barotseland in its recent episode. All rights reserved and all copyrighted material goes to their respective owners!

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