Litunga Imwiko II summons the Privy Council

26 November 2019
His Majesty Imwiko II - The Litunga, King of Barotseland - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE


His Majesty Imwiko II the Litunga, King of Barotseland, has summoned his Privy Council to possibly consider many outstanding issues affecting Barotseland.

The Privy Council meeting to take place in Limulunga royal village until Wednesday, 27th November 2019, is expected to come up with some policy direction concerning the many issues affecting the region, more especially the long outstanding matter of the now-defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964.

In March 2012, King Imwiko II had regularly constituted the supreme Barotse National Council (BNC) which unanimously resolved for Barotseland to peacefully negotiate for total independence from Zambia.

However, seven years later, the King and his Privy Council have not yet facilitated the implementation of the 2012 BNC unanimous resolutions causing a lot of anxiety in both Barotseland and Zambia.

The delay in a policy direction from both the Litunga and his privy council has given rise to a tumultuous relationship between the Litunga and his people on one hand and the Zambian state and the Kingdom on the other.

Therefore, it is expected that this Privy Council will make a clear policy direction one way or the other.

Understandably, all their Royal Highnesses, the chiefs and chieftainesses from across the breadth and length of Barotseland, have arrived in Limulunga royal capital for the crucial meeting expected to go on until Wednesday.

Those reportedly already in the Litunga’s summer capital are Her Royal Highness the Litunga-la-Mboela who is Reigning Princess Mbuyu Imwiko and blood sister of Litunga Imwiko II whose Kuta is at Nalolo in Senanga, Her Royal Highness Mulena-Mukwae Mboanjikana who is the Reigning Princess Kandundu Yeta - daughter of Litunga Yeta III, who reigns at the Libonda Kuta in Kalabo, Senior Chief Lukama of Sioma and Shangombo, His Royal Highness Mulena Mukiti Sekeli, who is the Reigning Prince at the Kaungamashi Kuta, His Royal Highness Mulena Anañanga Imwiko who is King Imwiko II’s younger brother and Reigning Prince at Namayula Kuta in Lukulu, Chief Mwene Kandala Sakwiba of Mavumbu, at Yuka in Mongu District, Chief Mwene Chiengele Kashengula Nyumbu of Nañoko in Mongu district with all their senior induna.

Others expected to be in attendance at the Privy council meeting are His Royal Highness Senior Chief Mulena Inyambo Yeta, the Reigning Prince at Mwandi (including Sesheke), who is also son of the late Litunga Yeta IV, His Royal Highness the Reigning Prince, Senior Chief Mulena Isiteketo Amukena II (son of the late ‘Senior Chief’ Amukena I, Isiteketo Lewanika) reigning at the Naliele Kuta for Kaoma and Nkeyema Districts, Chief Mwene Kahare, Justine Kahare of the Litoya Kuta at Njonjolo.

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